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With our services you will not be disappointed... Make an appointment and come see us. We are determined to make your pet look its absolute best


Look Amazing! Come get a make over so your pet can look its absolute best, call for grooming prices. All grooms include bath, nails and ear cleaning. Grooming prices vary on the breed of the pet.


Going on a trip? Let us take care of your pet so you can have a worry-free vacation, call for pricing.

All pets MUST have proof of: up-to-date Bordatella, Rabies, Distemper and Parvo virus vaccine.

Pet Sitting Services

All pet sitting is arranged on an individual basis. The prices vary widely and cannot be compared to boarding as this is a completely different service. Please call for details.

Boarding Prices

Call for pricing. If you get our answering machine, leave a message that includes how many dogs you have, breed and weight of each dog, and we will leave you a detailed message that includes a price per night/ per dog.


Price includes 3 walks a day, climate-controlled, indoor runs, food, bedding and toys provided. If your pet has a specific diet we recommend you provide some of their food from home.     

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